Disguster "Not So Sweet" CD


Disguster will rock your fucking face off. Plain and simple. If you haven't heard them yet, you are most definitely missing out. These guys have been playing with lotsa great bands lately including The Adicts, The Gears, The Circle Jerks and The Crowd. Find out what all the hype is about. This cd marks the third time we here at Zodiac Killer Records have released their song "Secret Shame"- "meet me on the other side of the glory hole"-this is easily one of the best punk rock songs of the last 10 to 20 years. Easily. Made up of the rhythm section from the Hitchhikers, 2 great guitar players, and a creepy ass wack job peeping tom as a singer, Disguster will surely amaze and enlighten you to a few things. Also not to miss is their song "End of the End"- a radio hit waiting to happen after the shit goes down! Their Disguster style cover of "COMMUNICATION BREAKDOWN" (LED ZEPPELIN) will leave you breathless. They are that good. Doesn't come with any higher recommendation than this puppy! Act now!