Copstabber "Officer Down" CD


OMG! Zodiac found these guys while on the "ZKR White Trash USA" tour last summer. Imagine the perfect blend of Tesco Vee and the Meatmen's lyrics with rippin' violent modern day hardcore punk rock. This is the best stuff I've been into in a while. Hailing from the DC area, these guys REALLY "GET IT"...if ya' know what Zodiac means. Really grabs hold and makes you listen over and over again. Includes PERFECT covers of GG Allin's "Tough Fuckin' Shit" (which also will appear on D.F.F. Vol. 4 very soon) and "French People Suck" by the above mentioned rock Gods. Do yourself a favor and order this baby, along with several other Zodiac releases! Favorite Zodiac tracks include "I like Cocaine"..."Tits"..."More Abortions"..."I'm'a Cut That Bitch"...Get it now!