Antiseen/Holley 750 Split CD


The best label going today proudly brings you some of the best projects out there. Here we have long-time punk rock legends ANTISEEN covering some new ground. We got em to cover "The Witch" by The SONICS! Talk about awesome! "Curses" as well as 2 live songs, 1 of which is new (PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE TO THE BOMB) and their cover of the SEX PISTOLS "BELSEN WAS A GAS" makes for one fuck of an A-side!
The HOLLEY 750 side features 5 songs, 1 new song, 3 demo tracks, and their cover of MOTORHEAD'S "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." This is one furious fuggin' rockin' record! It also features insane double cover artwork by the one and only BARON VON EVIL from Stockholm, Sweden, in the grand tradition of Big daddy Roth, Robert Williams, and the like. Zodiac prays to Allah while killing infidels with one slice of the sabre to this one! Off with their heads!!